Últimas Noticias

The day Richard’s dream came true…

Narration by Lucinavelva Almánzar

Carlos Manuel Lopez Fortunato (Richard)

After years of waiting and failed attempts, Richard was finally able to fasten his seatbelt and fulfill his dream of traveling on an airplane.

Since he was a child, his goal was to visit the United States, but authorities always denied Richard the visa that he needed to come here.

A few weeks ago, however, he applied to a student exchange program and he finally got it. Richard’s anxiety didn’t let him get nervous on his first time on a plane.

As soon as he boarded he did what every “experienced” traveler would do: He put a piece of gum in his mouth so his ears wouldn’t clog with air.

On his trip, Richard experienced things he had never or done seen before: He had his first bag of pretzels, got his luggage from a moving carrousel and even took a cab from Newark to New York City.

Now, Richard will walk the streets of the Big Apple and will take a long Summer vacation before returning to his home in Santo Domingo.