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Why should we eat healthy foods and exercise?

By Lucinavelva Almánzar

Feeling healthy and looking good are the result of a well balanced diet. In my experience, eating low fat foods, combined with a regular exercise program, are the key aspects in winning the battle against weight loss.

However, losing weight is a very difficult process. Finding the proper diet and the getting started to exercise could be complicated. Especially here in the United States, where we live surrounded by fast food restaurants in every corner, selling foods such as french fries, pizzas, pastries, and many other high calorie delights.

Besides improving physical appearance, maintaining a well balanced diet, (eating moderately) has the advantage that will improve one’s health and reduce the chance of heart related diseases and diabetes.

Eating unhealthy will eventually lead to obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and even cancer. For that reason, the key is to make personal lifestyles choices and changes that are right for you, and that will lead to a better and healthier life.